Dr. La Toya C Morris, Playa Del Rey Dentist

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Background and Credentials

Dr. La Toya C. Morris was born and raised in Inglewood, CA. She attended St. Bernard High School in Playa Del Rey. It was during her tenure year of high school when she decided to go into the health care industry.

Dr. Morris received her Undergraduate degree from Fisk University in 1994 and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry in 1999. Having a host of family and friends living in California, Dr. Morris decided to move back to California toward the end of 1999. In August of 2000, she was awarded her California Dental License. Dr. Morris has lived in Inglewood, CA, Nashville, TN and Los Angeles, CA.

Dr. Morris is an experienced and well-educated dental practitioner. She has been in practice for over 16 years, and has continued to seek out the latest techniques, trends, and developments in the dental field. By continually adapting the cutting edge techniques over the years, she has found numerous benefits for her patients: Mainly, a less painful and quick healing timeframe after a procedure. Dr. Morris priority has always been her patients. She offers an up-to-date facility with family-like hospitality. Her goal is not just to improve her patients smile, but also their lives through a great experience, and education they can take home with them. Dr. Morris enjoys volunteering her time and experience to organizations that care for patients that could not have treatment in a traditional setting. One of which was at a health clinic set up inside the Sports Arena for 1 week yearly in Los Angeles, California providing care to the less fortunate.

Dr. Morris has a long list of loyal patients, some of which are her family, friends, neighbors, and collegues. She welcomes new patients, and will treat them with the same gentleness and understanding as she gives to her existing patients. As you become a patient, she hopes to create a partnership that will last throughout the years. Her ambition is to dedicate to your dental health. With great pleasure, she hopes to meet you soon.